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Photo Shoot Prep Guide

First things first.... the DONT'S:

SUNBURNS: We are retouching wizards. However, certain things are almost impossible to correct in photos without an extreme amount of extra work. DO NOT get sunburned prior to your photo shoot. Red, peeling or extremely tan-lined skin is almost impossible to correct. So, slather on the SPF 5000, slap on a hat and STAY OUT OF THE SUN.

GLITTER: While glitter looks fabulous on clothing, please try to avoid any form of it on your skin. Shimmer eye shadow is fine but try to avoid bronzer or base makeup that shimmers. When our flashes hit the glitter/shimmer it appears as little white dots or sweat. Neither one is pretty. 

IRONING: We know... it's probably your least favorite thing to do but, do it anyways. All your clothes need to be ironed and pressed for your shoot. The wrinkles will show up in your final images if not.

SHAVING: Guys... please make sure to come with a clean shave the day of your photos. Stubble cannot be retouched out.

MAKE-UP: Most of our girls choose to have our professional hair and makeup artist come to the studio and doll them up. If you decide to do your own... keep in mind one simple rule; we can enhance makeup with Photoshop magic but it's difficult to lessen it if you have too much dark eye shadow caked on.  Minimum makeup: mascara, powder and lip-gloss. 

WARDROBE: Our photo sessions include either 4 clothing changes or unlimited changes. Either way, bring LOTS of stuff for us to choose from. When you arrive, we'll go through your wardrobe and create a design plan for your session. The more variety you bring, the crazier you're session will be!

NAILS: Your hands will be in the photos. Make sure you don't have chipped polish. We recommend going with a neutral nail color that will match all your outfits!


Make sure that you've done these things before you arrive for your photo shoot!

  1. I've looked over the crucial list of Do's and Don'ts.
  2. I've downloaded the hair and make-up prep guide & followed the instructions. (click the button below)
  3. I've packed 6-15 outfits including shoes, appropriate bras & undies, jewelry and accessories.

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